Grand Entry - Oklahoma City Philharmonic

Arrangers and Producers for the Oklahoma City Philharmonic’s 2019-2020 Opening Classics Concert Premiere

Grand Entry Medley was created to celebrate the vibrant Native American musical culture of Oklahoma. A collaboration between the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and Native American artists John Hamilton, Tim Nevaquaya, and the Native Praise Choir, the medley features John Hamilton’s intertribal powwow song Gamma Delta Pi written for the Native American Sorority at the University of Oklahoma, a Native American Flute solo titled Walking in the Spirit composed by Tim Nevaquaya, an arrangement of Amazing Grace with the Native Praise Choir, and a performance by the Oklahoma Fancy Dancers.

All original musical arrangements were created by Christina Giacona and Patrick Conlon. Onyx Lane provided conceptual artistic planning, engraving, arranging, rehearsals, midi mockups, live sound engineering, and concert production services.


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