About Us

Founded by producers Christina Giacona and Patrick Conlon, Onyx Lane offers full-service music production for media, film, and live entertainment with a focus on composing, recording, producing, and mixing music for film scores and classical ensembles. Christina and Patrick are both members of the Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) and have been working together as musicians for over ten years, first as founding members of The Los Angeles New Music Ensemble, and later as collaborators on a number of classical cross-over albums. Through Onyx Lane, Patrick and Christina have been composing, arranging, and producing music for film, sound installations, live performances, and album recordings with work featured on the Naxos, Centaur, TBD Records, Azica Records, and Hit City U.S.A. labels, and as arrangers and contractors on movies including Oyate, What Josiah Saw, Iké Boys, The Bygone, The Chickasaw Rancher, and The Mustard Seed. Recent clients include the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Oklahoma Contemporary, Fort Smith Symphony, Arkansas Symphony, The Melton Gallery, Oklahoma Virtuosi, Ozark Suzuki Institute, and Pittsburg State University. Their projects have also received grants and funding from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC), Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Kirkpatrick Family Fund, Norman Arts Council, World Literature Today, and the Library of Congress.


Christina Giacona provides music direction and is shown here with headphones

Christina Giacona

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Conductor, and Score Supervisor

Patrick Conlon with headphones photo by Lauren Midgley

Patrick Conlon

Composer, Orchestrator, Audio Engineer, and Score Mixer


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